Siva + Vicky

Celebrating Siva and vicky's wedding ceremony at Kuala Kangsar, Perak. It was our third client on this year. Against the backdrop of the royal town of Kuala Kangsar and the riverside, Siva's wedding ceremony lasts with nostalgic moment where guests and family members gathered to celebrate them as newlyweds.


Foto Jalanan Penang Teaser 2014

Thanks to FJPG team for inviting us to prepare a short teaser for their new logo @2014.

Syafiq + Nurul Hawa


Siti Zulaikha + Syahren

Rock To Rock Run 2013 – Hard Rock Hotel Penang

ROCK TO ROCK RUN 2013 is one of its kind where you find a scenic route, have the liberty to dress up as your favourite rockstar and party with our rockin' band right up on stage. Apart from all the excitement, this run has a noble side to it, as all profits from the run will be donated to SJK(C) Permatang Tinggi, Bukit Mertajam, Penang. The Rock to Rock Run had, in the previous 3 years adopted 4 other non-profit organizations. Living up to its motto of “Running in the Name of Rock”. Special thanks to Hard Rock Hotel Penang and all the team members.



We are now open for booking. Please contact us for more details.


Quick look at Cinebooster Canon Picture Styles

The CineBooster Picture Style delivers the instant film look, it emulates the Kodak Portra stock and it's our most advanced Picture Style in terms of colorimetry and ease of use.

you can buy this picture style at http://www.cineplus.ch/cinebooster.html


Location: Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.
Lens: Samyang T1.5/85mm
1080p x 24fps


Alwa + Ahnaf

Celebrating Alwa and Ahnaf's solemnization & reception day at Kulim, Kedah. Special thanks to Firdaus (idearekavidz) and Muhammad Taufik (sch. of art USM) for preparing a good and clean footages.

idearekavidz music licensed through - themusicbed.com "Perfect Day" by Holley Maher


8 Days to go • Happy Eid Mubarak!

8 Days to go! We would like to wish you a Happy Eid Mubarak to All Muslims. Stay tune for our new incoming wedding videos!


Video sample from Blackberry Z10

A short montage from Blackberry Z10. All footages are recorded at Penang Botanical Garden, Malaysia. It was short clip and I decided to shoot a several footages related to the nature. As I concerned, the only problem with Z10 is it comes already with auto focus mode. The stabilization mode on this Z10 are much helpful to get a steady footage.It was a quick editing montage and some minor colour corrections and burn effects.


Hidayah + Shah Niezar

And the bride and groom are together. It was a perfect day for us and surrounded with a friendly guest. Hidayah and Shah Niezar was married on 4th of January 2013. It's been 6 years of relationship before they end up as a husband and wife. Special thanks to Marshitah Jaapar (idearekavidz) and Muhammad Taufik (sch. of art USM) for preparing a good and clean footages. Without them , this wedding film would not have been posibble.

idearekavidz music licensed through - themusicbed.com "Always Be" by Holley Maher